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6 Bollywood Actresses Who Got Insulted by Salman Khan In Public

6 Bollywood Actresses Who Got Insulted by Salman Khan In Public: We all know about Bollywood’s most famous actor Salman Khan that he is an outspoken artist. Whatever happens in the heart of Salman Khan, he directly says those things. Many times he has not even missed to insult the people in front of the era. Let us tell you about 5 heroines about whom Salman Khan has given shocking statements:

Deepika Padukone

When Deepika Padukone went to Big Boss for the promotion of the film Chhapak, Salman Khan made many lewd comments on her. Even Salman Khan made fun of his depression. Deepika remained silent on the show, but when asked by the media, she gave an outspoken statement to Bhaijaan.

Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood’s Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra suddenly decided to leave India, which made Salman Khan very angry. During the promotion of the film Bharat, Salman Khan made fun of Desi Girl and said that PC left India and chose Nick.

Katrina Kaif

When famous actress Katrina Kaif was dating Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan mocked Arpita at her wedding and said that how good a chance to become a miss kar diya Khan. No one thought that Salman Khan would say such a thing at his sister’s wedding.

Kangana Ranaut

When Kangana Ranaut came to promote Panga on Bigg Boss, Bhaijaan called her a fighter. Kangana has clashed with all the big stars of the industry, due to which Bhaijaan had taunted her.

Juhi Chawla

Actress Juhi Chawla once went to Bigg Boss, where it came out of her mouth that Salman is the only actor of her generation with whom she has not worked. On this statement of Juhi, Salman said without wasting time that it was because he had suggested Aamir’s name instead of Salman for a film. Juhi jokingly said that now we can work together, then Bhaijaan said that yes now she can play the role of her mother.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan had gone to Bigg Boss for the promotion of a film, where Salman Khan had insulted her fiercely. Salman had asked who is Aamir’s and Kareena’s favorite among them? To which Kareena was hesitant to answer. When Kareena was doing a film with Aamir at that time, Salman had said that for now, speak Aamir because you are doing a film with him. In a way, Salman was trying to say that whatever benefits Kareena, she becomes his side.

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