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Know which idol or picture of Lord Krishna will have to be brought home on Janmashtami

There are infinite forms and images of Lord Krishna, which attract Krishna devotees in various ways. Lord Krishna is also a butter thief, Laddu is also Gopal, Govind is also Gopal, he is also Partha charioteer and also Dwarkadhish.

These various forms of Lord Krishna are not only to captivate his devotees, but also serve to teach and guide them according to the time and situation. Pictures or sculptures of different forms of Paramavatar Lord Krishna can bring miraculous changes in our lives.

Let us know that on this Janmashtami, which idols and pictures of Lord Krishna will be fulfilled by applying at home all your wishes.

Laddu Gopal

On the day of Janmashtami, only Laddu Gopal or Bal Gopal form of Lord Krishna is worshipped. Along with this, it is believed that the idol of Lord Krishna’s Laddu Gopal form should be worshiped to get a child.

Makhan Chor Krishna

The Makhanchor form of Lord Krishna is an alluring form to everyone, bringing a picture or idol of this form of God in the house on the day of Janmashtami keeps the atmosphere of positive energy and joy in the house and success in every work.

Murlidhar krishna

The Murlidhar form of Lord Krishna brings happiness and good fortune in the house. Offering silver flute to Lord Krishna on the day of Janmashtami will remove all your financial problems.

picture of radha-krishna

Lord Krishna and Radha are a symbol of infinite love, those who are facing any kind of problem in their married life should put a joint idol or picture of Radha-Krishna in their bedroom.

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