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Swara Bhaskar did Hindu worship, people said that Allah maaf nhi karega

Swara Bhaskar did Hindu worship, people said that Allah maaf nhi karega: Swara Bhaskar has gone back to her redeveloped house after two and a half years. He also performed a 7-hour Griha Pravesh Puja for his new home. Says Swara, “I have never done a leisurely puja at my home in Mumbai. This renovation has been a long one. So much has changed in my life and the world that I was not only eagerly waiting to come back, but also meaningful. And it was special too.”

Swara says that- I remember every time we went to different places in my childhood (which was often because of my father serving in the Navy) my mother always used to perform ceremonial puja in the new house and She used to boil the milk in such a way that it would fall out of the pot, which is considered auspicious in housewarming.

I also wanted to do something similar and in the end I found a wonderful priest who got seven pujas done at once. He performed Ganesh Puja, Satyanarayan Puja, Rudrabhishek and finally Havan and Griha Pravesh. It was an exhilarating experience. Since this was my first puja, I felt most responsible and grown up.”

Even on social media, people are enjoying worshiping Swara Bhaskar. While sharing the photo of Swara Bhaskar, Ashish Kumar wrote that “Allah maaf nahi karega.

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